YG Entertainment Confirms Daesung Will Enlist In Military On March 13

YG Entertainment announced that BIGBANG’s Daesung will be enlisting on March 13th.

YG Entertainment confirmed that Daesung will be joining his bandmates T.O.P, G-Dragon, and Taeyang for mandatory military service.

It seems as though all of BIGBANG will be enlisting around the same time, which means that they will all be done with their service around the same time… which means we will see the five members together on stage as soon as possible!

T.O.P began his military service on January 26 as a public service worker at the Yongsan District Office after his drug scandal in June 2017. G-Dragon enlisted on February 27. After getting married to longtime girlfriend Min Hyo Rin, Taeyang will be enlisting on March 12, one day before Daesung.

This leaves Seungri as the only BIGBANG member who has yet to set a date for his enlistment. However, YG Entertainment made a statement regarding his enlistment.

Maknae Seungri also wanted to enlist at the same time as the members. However, because of promotions for his Chinese movie ‘Love Only’, as well as his solo album that he’d been preparing, he’ll be enlisting afterward.

— YG Entertainment

Source: xportsnews