YG Entertainment Confirms Seungri Will Enlist In The Military Last

YG Entertainment confirmed that Seungri will be the last BIGBANG member to enlist in the military, and it won’t be in March like everyone else.

With four of the BIGBANG members already confirmed for enlistment, YG Entertainment released some update on the group’s youngest member.

“The youngest member also hoped to join the members early this year, but couldn’t because of his promotion with Chinese film, Love Only, this month.” — YG Entertainment


Seungri recently made his screen debut in China with “Love Only”.


He also has plans to release a solo album in the first half of the year, along with his overseas promotions. He is likely join the military in the later part of the year.


The statement was released after it was confirmed that Daesung will be enlisting on March 13.


Seungri will be the last member to enlist after that with T.O.P already serving as a public service worker, G-Dragon in active duty and Taeyang set to enter on March 12.


Source: News1