YG Entertainment Removes Seungri From Store Merchandise

They are removing him from their store.

A day after it was noticed that Seungri‘s solo concert merchandise was still available for sale on YG Entertainment‘s official online shop, YG Select, the company has begun their efforts to remove Seungri from their shop.

Merchandise from Seungri’s solo tour THE GREAT SEUNGRI have all been removed from their online shopping mall.

In addition, YG Entertainment has begun to remove Seungri’s photo from BIGBANG merchandise where all 5 members are shown.

Some of the merchandise shows his face blurred out.

While other merchandise photos have had Seungri’s version removed entirely.

Not all of the BIGBANG merchandise sold on YG Select have been edited to remove Seungri’s image yet, but YG Entertainment is slowly working on it.

YG Entertainment have already ended all ties with Seungri, terminating his contract and removing BIGBANG from his profile.

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