YG Entertainment Responds To Dispatch’s Claims About Covering Up T.O.P’s Drug Scandal

Yang Hyun Suk released a statement.

YG Entertainment has responded to Dispatch‘s claims that YG sent Han Seo Hee to the US to cover up T.O.P‘s drug scandal.

YG Entertainment released a statement on June 20th:

This is YG Entertainment.

We announce statement of former executive producer Yang Hyun Suk in relation to today’s report by Dispatch.

Firstly, we apologize for causing worry to many due to the continuous suspicions. All of the proposed suspicions including todays’ report by Dispatch are one-sided claims made by the informants and are not at all true. YG is refraining from responding to or releasing statements regarding these issues. This is because we believe the accurate facts will be closely revealed through the investigative institutes. We anticipate that the true facts of continuous false claims and suspicions will be revealed in the future. We kindly ask all journalists to refrain from spreading speculative reports any further.

ㅡ YG Entertainment


Earlier in the day, Dispatch had released a report claiming that YG Entertainment sent Han Seo Hee to the US to cover up T.O.P’s drug scandal and more.

Source: Star Today

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