BIGBANG T.O.P’s To Be Discharged From The Military A Month Early

Netizens are furious.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P will be discharged from the military on July 8. He was originally scheduled to be dismissed in early August; however, the Yongsan-gu Office clarified that he will be finishing early as a new rule was set last year for all military social workers.

[T.O.P] will be dismissed from his military duties on July 8. In compliance with the new rules set for military social workers last year, their required time was reduced by 27 days.

— Yongsan-gu City Hall


As V.I.Ps began to celebrate T.O.P’s early return, many Korean netizens criticized the government for allowing him to return early.

They brought up the fact that he pled guilty to the illegal use of marijuana just a couple of months before he officially enlisted in the military. They also continued to accuse him of receiving special treatment by allegedly taking more vacation days. The Yongsan-gu Office previously clarified that T.O.P did not break any rules in taking vacation days.

Source: Newsen

T.O.P's Marijuana Scandal