Yongsan-gu Office Makes A Statement About T.O.P’s “Excessive” Amount Of Sick Days

T.O.P was accused of receiving special treatment as a celebrity by being allowed to take more sick days than the average worker.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P recently faced criticism for taking triple the amount of sick days compared to the average service worker under the same Yongsan-gu Office centre.

T.O.P explained to MBC News Desk that he had taken the days off because of his anxiety disorder. He’s reportedly been receiving treatments since his marijuana scandal in 2017.


“I had anxiety disorder… I have an illness…”

— T.O.P

MBC News Desk claimed T.O.P didn’t report his medical documents for the sick days and that the Yongsan-gu office was giving him special treatment because he was a celebrity.

Yongsan-gu Office spoke up to confirm that T.O.P did not break any rules regarding their sick day policy. They clarified that service workers are not required to submit documentation if they only miss one day due to an illness.

They also confirmed that T.O.P submitted in his required documents when taking more than one consecutive sick day, and he also submitted the required formal letter of reasoning whenever he took a single day off.

“We received all of the required documents.

Medical documents aren’t required when taking off for one sick day. When T.O.P took more than one day off, he submitted his medical documentations. When he took a single day off, he submitted in his formal letter of reasoning.”

— Yongsan-gu Office

T.O.P is set to be officially discharged from the military in June 2019. YG Entertainment has yet to make any announcements regarding his anxiety disorder or his plans after finishing his military duties.

Source: TV Report