YG Shop Is Still Displaying $300 USD Action Figure Of Seungri

A plate with Seungri’s face was also on display.

It has been 20 days since YG Entertainment announced that Seungri‘s exclusive contract has been canceled but his goods are still being displayed at YG-related shops.

On March 31, the action figures of the BIGBANG members including Seungri were displayed (350,000 KRW/308$ USD each) at YG Place, which is located on the 1st floor of Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong.  YG Place is an offline store that sells goods related to YG artists.


In addition, there were plates on top of the display case, one of which included Seungri’s face on it. The plates cost 30,000 KRW ($26 USD) each.


A representative of the shop stated that the goods related to Seungri were not on sale and were only on display. They added that they will soon be sent back.

Goods related to Seungri are not on sale. They’re just for the display. We plan to return them soon.

ㅡ Shop representative


In fact, YG Entertainment took a good amount of time before removing Seungri from their official online shop, YG Select. After noticing that Seungri goods were still for sale, netizens criticized the agency, claiming that they were probably trying to make a profit.

A day after this became an issue, YG Entertainment removed Seungri from their official online shop, even removing his photo from BIGBANG merchandise.

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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