“Street Woman Fighter” Team YGX Spills The Truth On Mnet’s “Evil Editing” Of The Members During The Series

Mnet strikes again!

There is nothing that K-Pop fans love more than a reality show showcasing some of the best talents in the Korean entertainment industry. Yet, one criticism has always been the editing used throughout the shows, especially those from Mnet. Recently, the Street Woman Fighter team YGX spilled the tea on what it was really like behind the scenes.

The members of team YGX | Mnet

The members of YGX recently appeared on an episode of Showterview alongside K-Pop soloist and guest judge on the show, Jessi. As expected, there were no filters.

During the video, Jessi asked the members what it was like on the set of the show and how the dancers all interacted with each other. Leader Lee Jung explained that viewers accurately saw the rivalry between the members on the stage but added by saying that once the cameras were off, there were no grudges held between them all.

One of the key points of the show’s concept was the backstage interviews where the dance groups would talk about what they thought of the other teams. Lee Jung added that they wouldn’t know what any of the teams said and relied on what was aired on the show.

We can’t see what they say during the interview behind the stage. All we can see is how they dance on stage so, as we watched and found out what they said about us. After watching it on TV, when we went to the set for the shoot, a lil weird.

— Lee Jung

As someone who has been on these kinds of shows, Jessi agreed. She added that the main goal is to make the contestants get on each other’s nerves as it creates interesting and controversial content. It is something that happens even if everyone gets along when the camera isn’t rolling.

Although many shows do this to increase tensions for the show, the members also revealed that certain clips of themselves were edited to show them off in a worse light.

Member Yeojin pointed out that she is very close to WAYB‘s Noze, and one day, she was feeling down about some of the comments she was given. Yeojin explained that she said, “Noze, you okay?” in a playful way to lighten up the mood, yet it didn’t come across like that on the show.

Her other members agreed with Lee Jung, adding, “She looked so mean on the edited one.” Jihyo even added that the moment Yeojin asked this wasn’t directly after Noze had heard the comments. This editing led the editing to make Yeojin get a lot of criticism.

However, it wasn’t the only time YGX revealed that the editing from Mnet made the members look a lot meaner than the initial clip showcased. YELL explained that it was less about something she said, but something she didn’t do that caused her to get a lot of hate.

During the first episode, she recalled her dance battle with Zsun from CocaNButter. YELL explained that one of the other dancers got injured before the dance, so they all took a break before shooting.

Before the filming resumed, the air was heavy because of the injury and the long break. Lucky for me, I’m a fighter by nature. So I put all my effort into dancing, and even harder than I do usually.


YELL then added that after the battle, there seemed to be a good atmosphere on the set, and they shook hands in respect. Yet, she added that it wasn’t shown in the edited clips, and it meant that viewers started criticizing her attitude on the show. Many accused her of having no respect for someone who was older than her.

It isn’t the first time contestants on Mnet shows have revealed the impact of editing. Girls Planet 999 contestant Fu Yaning revealed that the “diss” scene between her and Kep1er‘s Choi Yujin was actually staged. She added that the editing made it look like she didn’t respect Yujin when the duo had a great relationship.

| Mnet/ YouTube

Although it seems acceptable for a show to make edits to keep the audiences interested, many fans see it wrong to do it at the expense of the contestants.

You can watch the whole video below.

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