Another Popular SM Rookies Trainee Reportedly Left SM Entertainment

She’s looking forward to her future plans.

For months there were rumors that Yiyang, a popular SM Rookies trainee, left SM Entertainment.


She was most famous for her undeniable beauty that closely resembled f(x)‘s Krystal.

  • “She has the same aura as Krystal.”
  • “She has the same feel as f(x)’s Krystal.”


Some even compared her to TWICE‘s Tzuyu, claiming their beauty was very alike.

  • “She’s so f*cking pretty. She looks exactly like Tzuyu.”
  • “I personally think her face looks a lot like Tzuyu.”


After months of speculation, Yiyang announced that on Weibo what seems to be a confirmation that she’s walking a different path from SM Entertainment.

“Thank you for staying until now, I’m looking forward to a new start. I’m going to work hard.”

— Yiyang


This isn’t the first time trainees left SM Entertainment after promoting as SM Rookies. Herin and Hansol were one of the most popular trainees who ultimately decided to leave SM for another path. Herin participated on Idol School and Hansol recently debuted as a finalist for The Unit.


Many netizens left comments expressing how SM could let someone with such gorgeous visuals go. Some speculated whether SM let her go or if she decided to leave on her own.

  • “How many treasures does SM have that they let someone like her go… It hurts me to see so many pretty and talented trainees leave.”
  • “Wow sh*t did she really leave?? It’s not possible…”
  • “She left too. She’s so pretty ㅋㅋ Now there’s only Lami left as the visual..”
  • “She’s so pretty, she’ll probably do well wherever she goes”
  • “Maybe she failed to move onto the debut group and had to leave.”
  • “I bet SM didn’t kick her out and she just left on her own. She probably saw that there were no debut plans any time soon and wondered what she was doing in Korea… She probably got an offer from a Chinese agency too.”
  • “It feels like SM Rookies’ Girl Group is never going to debut ㅠㅠ.. She must’ve had such a hard time waiting all those years ㅠㅠ I wonder how much more hurt she is than I could ever be… sigh”


Whether it be in Korea or in China, best of luck to Yiyang and her future as a bright star!

Source: Nate Pann