“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Writer Explained Why Young Woo’s Best Friend Is Named Dong Geu Rami

The reason is actually different from the fan theories.

On July 26, Moon Ji Won, the writer of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, held a press conference where she revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets of the show’s screenplay.

Moon Ji Won | ENA

The drama has intrigued viewers with its clever use of symbolism in almost everything- from the props to the character names. Fans have been theorizing the meaning of different easter eggs they noticed here and there. Perhaps the most interesting of these theories was the one that discussed why Young Woo’s best friend in the show is named Dong Geu Rami.

Dong Geu Rami played by Joo Hyun Young

In Korean, donggeurami means ‘a circle’. Netizens guessed since autistic people usually like the shape of a circle, the writer chose this name for Young Woo’s best friend.

But according to the writer herself, the reason is something completely unrelated to the fondness of autistic people towards circles. She explained that while picking a name for the best friend’s character, she wanted to choose a name that people can’t forget once they hear it.

The character Dong Geu Rami is Young Woo’s best friend and spiritual pillar. In some ways, she is even stranger than Young Woo. So I thought ‘I’ll give you a name that is unforgettable once you hear it’.

Moon Ji Won

Rest assured, the name she picked is not only unforgettable but also powerful enough to make netizens delve deep into analytical thinking!

Source: Wikitree

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