Korean Media Outlets Reveal That Actor Yoo Ah In Proceeded With Schedules While Undergoing Drug Test

He previously tested positive.

It was previously reported that actor Yoo Ah In had tested positive for marijuana. On February 10, news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that actor Yoo Ah In, who is currently being investigated for the illegal misuse of the drug Propofol, tested positive for marijuana while testing negative for Propofol.

While that caused enough uproar and backlash, a new report by StarNews is causing even more furor. On February 16, 2023, it was reported that Yoo Ah In had proceeded to go on scheduled shoots the day of the test itself.

On February 6, 2023, Yoo Ah In went to Jeju Island to shoot for an outdoor brand. This was the very next day after he arrived from America. He had been receiving police investigations for the violation of the ban against the use of drugs on the morning of February 6 and proceeded to fly to Jeju after.


Essentially, this became an issue as he had already been detained at the airport under suspicions of drug use, with the investigations stretching over to the next day. Given the sufficient lapse, he should have canceled the schedule as soon as he received suspicions.

A member of staff from his agency made a simple statement to StarNews.

We cannot check anything for you at the moment.

— Staff

On the other hand, the outdoor brand he worked with confirmed that he did indeed participate in the shooting before the news of his drug use broke out.

Source: Star News