“#Alive” Actor Yoo Ah In Gains 15kg And Shaves His Head For A New Movie Role… That Has 0 Lines

We can’t wait for October.

Yoo Ah In is gaining spotlight belatedly for his appearance in sleeper hit, #Alive, that is creeping up the Netflix charts. In October, he will be premiering his latest work, Voice of Silence. And what’s amazing about his role is that, this time, he has 0 lines.

Yes, you read that right – a main character with absolutely 0 lines. The movie, slated to be a crime thriller, is about two men who work as the “cleaners” of an aftermath for a criminal organization. One day, they receive an order to take care of a kidnapped 11 year old girl.

| @hongsick/Instagram

As the clean-up crew that normally takes care of burying bodies, they are dumbfounded by the new task. However, they slowly grow to care for the young girl and take the girl to their boss. But they discover him dead, putting them in an odd situation. His co-star is Yoo Jae Myung, of Itaewon Class fame.

| @hongsick/Instagram

Although it is unclear yet why his character is unable to speak, the challenging role led the star to take on a whole different transformation. He reportedly gained 15kg for the role, as well as had shaved his head.

Take a look at the exciting trailer and his transformation into a cold-blooded clean-up criminal while you wait for its premiere!

Source: Newsen