Yoo Hye Won’s Agency Responds to 2nd Dating Rumor With Seungri in Light of Recent Sighting

A recent sighting of a woman in Seungri’s car on enlistment day sparked dating rumors between Seungri and Yoo Hye Won.

Seungri recently enlisted in the military, but what gained particular attention was the woman inside his car, rumored to be actress Yoo Hye Won, whom Seungri was involved in dating rumors with back in 2018.


As a result, the two stars became the topic of the second round of dating rumors all over the internet, with netizens claiming that the woman inside the car resembled Yoo Hye Won and that the dog that accompanied her looked just like the dog that both stars posted on social media.

Although many agree that the hairstyle of the woman strongly resembles that of Yoo Hye Won, no confirmation could be made.

In response, SBD Entertainment expressed their stance in Seungri and Yoo Hye Won’s dating rumors.

Since this is the private life of an actress, it’s difficult to confirm.

– SBD Entertainment

Ahead of this incident, Seungri and Yoo Hye Won were involved in similar dating rumors following the spread of photos from Amsterdam.

At the time, the two stars neither confirmed or denied the rumors and remained quiet in response to reporters’ questions.

As soon as the rumors began spreading for the second time, Yoo Hye Won turned all but one social media post to private.

Seungri’s case of his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal is still ongoing, and following his military enlistment on March 9, the former BIGBANG member is set to continue his legal battles in the military court.

Source: Insight