Netizens Spot Woman Riding In Car With Seungri To Enlistment

Who is she?

Seungri has been in a lot of hot water lately. Most people by now have heard of his Burning Sun scandal involving prostitution and gambling accusations. Despite the past year of waiting to see what he would be charged with and what his sentencing would be, he recently started his enlistment, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Now, photos have popped up that are taken from footage of his enlistment day, after sharp-eyed watchers noticed something – a woman sitting in the car Seungri was riding in.

Netizens think that this woman might be actress Yoo Hye Won, someone that Seungri has been rumored to have been dating throughout this entire ordeal. Evidence of this comes from both of them sharing similar pictures on social media of the same dog, which was also seen in the car.

If her identity is accurate, it could mean that the two of them are still seeing each other. Netizens had some unkind words towards the two of them.

“They kept dating even with that scandal?? Wow..”

“I don’t even want to see that f*cker’s face, I know we shouldn’t be leaving hate comments on celebrities but can we just leave hate comments to this f*cker so he can die already…? It’s weird that BTS receives more hate than him on enter-talk”

“99% of criminals have girlfriends or are married already”

“So that girl is in the trash disposal squad? I hope they last long”

The results of Seungri’s scandal are still ongoing, and no one knows how long it will take until it completely blows over.

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