Yoo Jae Hwan’s Reason For Losing Over 70lbs Sparks Debate Over Korean Society’s View On Being Overweight

“Do you think any woman would be attracted to you after seeing your belly?”

Producer and TV personality, Yoo Jae Hwan, appeared on The Boss Has Donkey Ears, where he greeted Shim Young Soon, a food expert, for the first time since losing over 70 lbs.


He confessed that the reason he went on his diet was because of what Shim Young Soon told him during their previous meeting.


The last time they met, Yoo Jae Hwan told Shim Young Soon that he always goes to see movies by himself. Shim Young Soon told him that it was because he was fat and couldn’t get a girlfriend.

Of course, you would. Do you think any woman would be attracted to you after seeing your belly?

— Shim Young Soon


Now that he’s lost 70 lbs, Shim Young Soon told Yoo Jae Hwan that many women will be attracted to him now.

You’ll attract many women now.

— Shim Young Soon


This interaction sparked a fiery debate among K-Netizens. Many netizens began to criticize Shim Young Soon and Korean society for claiming people can’t get married if they’re overweight.


But other netizens agreed with Shim Young Soon and claimed that what she said was “fact” and the “truth”. This debate closely relates to the recent news about how Super Junior‘s Shindong was weight shamed for his body type and soon announced that he’s gotten professional help to lose weight.


No matter what your body type or weight may be, it is crucial to not make your outer appearance the sole focus in life, but focus on living a healthy and happy life where you truly love yourself!

Source: My Daily