Fact Check: Is Yoo Seung Ho The Next Lead For Season 2 Of “Moving?”

Yoo Seung Ho has spoken up.

Previously, the writer for K-Drama Moving teased the second season. For the second season, the story will likely revolve around the character Young Tak. Young Tak was teased in Moving, in a flashback with the homeroom teacher Choi Il Hwan. Young Tak was another supernatural that was managed by Il Hwan.

In the scene, Young Tak’s particulars are listed on his registration slip. His birth date is listed as August 17, 1993.

Scene from Moving with Young Tak being mentioned.

This coincides perfectly with actor Yoo Seung Ho‘s real birthday! Even the birth year is the same. This caused many to wonder if Yoo Seung Ho was cast for the role. He would be at a perfect age to play it. Even Yoo Seung Ho himself heard about the rumors.

In a recent interview, Yoo Seung Ho he addressed the suspicions. Yoo Seung Ho simply stated that he would love the challenge, but has not been contacted yet.

If there is a character or genre that I have yet to try, then I’m open to it and want to take up the challenge. Recently, I think a variety of dramas are being released, and there are many interesting characters. Although I don’t know what I will play, I’m thinking of it positively. I’ve not yet watched moving. Many around me are texting me about it. I’ve not watched it, so I ask them to explain it to me. The director said on a radio show that the birth date was a total coincidence. I’ve never been contacted by him. But, if a casting offer comes, I’ll address it again.

— Yoo Seung Ho

On the other hand, writer Kang Full himself has also addressed the rumors. He stated that it was a complete coincidence. The birth year came about as they were matching up the timelines with Choi Il Hwan’s. As for the birth date, it was picked by coincidence. He stated that nothing has been confirmed, but he would leave it up to fate.

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