Yook Ji Dam Randomly Tags BTS In Her Post Attacking Kang Daniel, YMC and CJ

She apparently tagged BTS and President Moon Jae In to get more clicks.

Yook Ji Dam is being criticized by netizens for tagging BTS and Korea’s President Moon Jae In in her blog post where she demanded an apology from Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel, YMC and CJ E&M Entertainment.


After the controversy last month about her alleged past relationship with Kang Daniel, Yook Ji Dam threatened to call a press conference if she didn’t receive an apology from him and his agencies.


While netizens were already frustrated by Yook Ji Dam’s lack of clarity, they criticized her more after realizing she tagged #MoonJaeIn, #BTS and #PyeongchangOlympics in the blog post.

  • “Leave BTS out of this.”
  • “You need to take out unrelated people in this no matter how much you want attention.”
  • “Don’t mess with BTS. Crazy b*tch is trying to use their fame.”
  • “I think she seriously has some mental issues.”
  • “How could she tag the president in this…?”
  • “What an attention whore.”
  • “She ended her career by starting a controversy with the most popular guy in Korea atm … but that wasn’t enough, she now ended everything in her life pretty much by involving the biggest international boy group in this controversy.”
  • “The hashtags she used to get clicks make her seem to be even more pathetic and less credible.”


Meanwhile, YMC and CJ E&M released a statement after the blog post went viral, saying they don’t really understand what Yook Ji Dam wants an apology for.

CJ and YMC Claim They Have No Idea What Yook Ji Dam Is Talking About

Source: Sports Seoul
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