Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Instagram Flooded With Outrage Over Her Styling Team

Fans are demanding change.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is a successful idol-turned-actress. And each award season, fans look forward to seeing Yoona dolled up at the ceremonies.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona | @530_gorgeous/Twitter

For a decade, Yoona has been dubbed “Yoongphrodite” and “Dress Yoong”  for her unparalleled visuals—especially at red-carpet events.

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In 2023, however, following Yoona’s appearance at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards, the idol’s fans expressed deep frustration toward the management over her latest hair and makeup looks.

We heard Snow White attended the Blue Dragon!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Yoona had the honor of presenting an award alongside actor Park Hae Il.

— Yoona’s Official Instagram

At the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards, Yoona rocked a soft pink dress with slicked-back hair that pinned the focus on her facial features. While she looked gorgeous nonetheless, some fans found the whole look to be underwhelming.

| Girls’ Generation Fan Cafe

When Yoona’s official Instagram account shared a picture of the idol at the event, the comment section saw a spike in criticism from fans demanding a change in the idol’s team.

| @limyoona__official/Instagram

Both Korean and international fans pleaded with the management, claiming that while the fan base understands Yoona’s long-running and close relationship with the hair and makeup team, the flaws have “become difficult to overlook” and the fans are “sick and tired of excusing the hair and makeup team” for all the disappointment.

Some fans were specific to point out that the Yoona’s hair, makeup, and outfits have all been underwhelming since 2021.

The hair, makeup, and the outfit were all underwhelming. As her fans, we understand that Yoona has been with her current team for a long time, and so she has grown close to them and trusts them enough to keep working with them. But we’re starting to think that the team is sabotaging all the chances that Yoona can shine at her brightest. It has become difficult for us to overlook. Whenever Yoona books a schedule, we grow concerned about what she’ll look like. And we’re sick and tired of all the disappointment. We have close to no expectations now… Please know that we’re her fans. We love her and we want the best for her. If someone at her management is reading this, PLEASE. Hear us out and give another team a chance to work with Yoona.

— Korean Comment

At the same time, Yoona’s more supportive fans had nothing but praise for how she looked and presented at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

| @subdued20club/Daum
  • “I thought she looked beautiful…”
  • “Her braided look was a favorite for me, though.”
  • “Gorgeous nonetheless!”
  • “It’s so weird how people hate on celebs for the hair and makeup… Korea is diseased with lookism.”
  • “I thought she looked breathtaking.”
  • “IDK… I saw her and thought she looked amazing.”
  • “I don’t see the differences. She looks the same.”
  • “Well, her older looks are more on par with the current no-makeup trend. Regardless, she looked great in the pink dress. So chic.”
  • “Even if the look isn’t perfect for the fans, they should know that Yoona is probably the one who confirmed how the look was put together. So…”
  • “But it’s fine. She’s honestly gorgeous.”
  • “I liked her then, I like her now.”
  • “Huh??? I honestly thought she looked gorgeous.”

Watch Yoona present at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards here.

Source: theqoo and daum cafe

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