Here’s The Heartwarming Reason Youn Yuh Jung’s Interactions With Actor Troy Kutsar Stole The Show At The 2022 Oscars

Viewers worldwide couldn’t stop praising the actress!

When netizens talk about the most iconic Korean actresses of all time, one person who can never be missed off the list is Youn Yuh Jung. As well as being extremely talented *and also savage AF*, the actress has one of the warmest hearts possible, and she recently showcased that during the 2022 Oscars.

Youn Yuh Jung

Last year, Youn Yuh Jung stole the spotlight when she won the award for “Best Supporting Actor.” This year, the roles changed as she was the one reading out the nominees for the award.

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Although netizens loved her sassy comment at the start, Youn Yuh Jung gained attention for her thoughtful behavior towards the award’s winner Troy Kotsur, who became the first Deaf man to win an acting Oscar.

Before the actress read out Troy Kotsur’s name as winning the award, she seemed to be very emotional…

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When she opened the envelope, netizens were surprised that she quickly closed it again. Until they realized what she was doing when she actually signed before saying it.

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If that wasn’t enough, when Troy Kotsur when up to receive his award, Youn Yuh Jung showcased just how considerate she was. At first, viewers were confused and concerned when the actress took the award off Troy Kotsur when he received it.

Yet, they quickly realized that she was actually taking it so that he could properly sign his acceptance speech.

Even while Troy Kotsur was doing his speech, Youn Yuh Jung seemed totally invested and focused on every movement the actor was doing, and she continued to look emotional while doing it.

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When the award was presented, netizens couldn’t get over the purity of their interaction, with some Western media outlets saying that the moment stole the show.

Yet, it wasn’t the only iconic thing she did during the awards ceremony. After Brad Pitt mispronounced her name, Youn Yuh Jung made a joke that Western stars might have trouble with Korean names, but it would be the same for her with Western names


Once again, Youn Yuh Jung has showcased why she is still one of the most-loved actresses worldwide. Not only does she show grace and respect to those around her, but she also finds the perfect way to hit back at those who have done wrong.

You can read more about Youn Yuh Jung’s iconic moment at this year’s event below.

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