Soloist Younha Let Out Her Inner Fangirl When She Ran Into SEVENTEEN After Both Of Their Concerts Concluded On The Same Day

We demand a collaboration!

SEVENTEEN just concluded a successful run of their annual fan meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND. The three-day event was held from March 10 to 12, 2023.

On the other hand, soloist Younha also held her concert, C/2023YH on the 11 and 12 March.

Younha at her concert. | @officialc9ent/Twitter

In fact, the two venues were extremely close to each other. CARATLAND was held at the KSPO Dome while Younha’s concert was at the Handball Stadium. Check out how close they are on Google Maps!

The news traveled fast and even SEVENTEEN mentioned that they heard their respected sunbae‘s concert was being held next door during the fan meeting. Hoshi even covered Younha’s song, “Event Horizon” during a karaoke segment.

Coincidentally, both production groups ended up at the same restaurant for the after-party. Younha had been eating with her directors and team when she saw SEVENTEEN walk out of the room next door. She shared the cute interaction on her Twitter.

She gushed about how pretty Hoshi looked, even without makeup.

Yesterday, after we ended the happy concert, our team had a company dinner. A drunk Junho (staff) told Wonseok (staff), “hyung, you look like uncooked beef ribeye.” I was thanking the directors for self-volunteering to work overtime when SEVENTEEN suddenly came out of the room next to ours. Hoshi’s bare face was pretty too. I heard he sang “Event Horizon?” What a good person… It was like a dream. The end.

— Younha

Now that the two are sort of acquainted with each other’s presence, we’re hoping for a collaboration in the near future!