The Two Ground Rules LE SSERAFIM Made That Forever Changed Their Group Dynamic

It strengthened their friendship.

SOURCE MUSIC and HYBE‘s new girl group, LE SSERAFIM, is made up of members who came from different walks of life. Having differing backgrounds and large age gaps, they had to navigate through their relationship when they first met.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

With this in mind, Yunjin was asked in an interview with Weverse Magazine what methods the members are using to unify the group.

And now you’re on another team, making a fresh start together. What is LE SSERAFIM doing to become one unified team?

— Weverse Magazine


Yunjin revealed that they decided to follow two ground rules. The first rule is to simply accept and understand everything that happens, including the actions of their fellow members.

We made some ground rules. First, just accepting things. Just accepting and understanding things, whatever the situation, the state of things, however we’re feeling, whatever another member does.

— Yunjin


The other rule they decided on was to express their feelings to each other. Considering how most of them are introverts, they struggled to open up to each other, instead trying to resolve everything on their own. This hindered the development of their friendship, so they realized that it was something they had to avoid doing.

The second is expressing ourselves. Since we’re all sort of introverts, we’re not good at bringing things up when we’re having a hard time, even if there’s a dispute or hurt feelings, and we each tend to try to solve things on our own, so we couldn’t get to know about each other very well. So we decided to express ourselves more, and it’s already been this way for quite a long time now.

— Yunjin

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Because of these rules, their relationship was strengthened and they are now closer than ever! The members make it a point to always be there for each other, especially when they’re struggling. They now consider being in the same group “destiny.”

We just say whatever we want because we feel like it’s okay to say anything at all. Now, with everything we do, we always say things like, ‘This must be destiny,’ or, ‘How lucky is it we managed to be all together?‘ or, ‘Maybe we were meant to be.’

— Yunjin


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Source: Weverse Magazine