Netizens Are Weirded Out By ZEROBASEONE’s New Choreography

This looks questionable. 🤣

ZEROBASEONE recently dropped the summer anthem “Feel The POP” as part of their 3rd mini album You Had Me At HELLO.

ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Twitter

The colorful and refreshing elements of the music video, combined with the upbeat and easy-listening beat of the song, makes it a fan-favorite. Even the fun choreography adds to the playful element of the song.

However, there’s one move in particular that’s gaining attention for the most hilarious reason!

The first dance move of the chorus features the members turning around and bouncing on their legs.

Upon first watch, it isn’t so strange…

…but after watching a compilation of the move, netizens couldn’t help but LOL at the dance move.

It fits in well with the choreography, but when its isolated, it might give you a case of the giggles! “Fine….. You guys can laugh but at least listen to the song once……………” one fan wrote.

Is it strange or charming? Watch the music video below and decide for yourself.

Source: theqoo


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