ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Once Again Has Netizens Swooning Over His Handsome Visuals

“Not only is he so handsome but his personality is also good.”

Though ZEROBASEONE debuted less than two months ago, the boy group has already been making waves in the K-Pop industry. The members gained a strong fandom during their time on Boys Planet, and it has only grown in the months following its conclusion thanks to the charm, talent, and visuals of the idols involved.


Sung Hanbin was a fan favorite from the very beginning, and he remains the focus of many fans’ eyes for a multitude of reasons. He keeps gaining attention online due to his handsome visuals, which are undeniable, but he also has such a kind and genuine-seeming personality, it just makes him even more handsome and attractive!


Recently his visuals were the topic of discussion once again on an online forum, and it’s definitely not the first time he’s had netizens swooning over him. Fan-taken photos were used as examples of his handsomeness, all of which are equally stunning.

| Pann Nate

Fans just can’t get enough of ZEROBASEONE’s gorgeous leader, and we can’t blame them!

The comments section of the forum post is filled with nothing but praise, admiration, and awe over the talented and handsome rookie idol.

There’s just so much to love about Sung Hanbin, and his beauty is just icing on the cake!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa