ZEROBASEONE’s Upcoming Album’s Details Have Already Disappointed Fans

The album is set to be release in July.

One of the most anticipated debuts of 2023, Boys Planet group ZEROBASEONE have had fans excited for their release even before announcing their album’s title.


Last week, the group released a teaser video titled Back To ZEROBASE, a short film featuring all members. Many enjoyed the video, though it was not entirely well received as some had problems with the “unfair” screen time distribution.

The group then released the official scheduler for their album, hyping fans up with all the planned content to be released. First on the schedule was the official album pre-order, which dropped later that day.

It included details about the album, including how many pages the photobook would be, how many versions, and its inclusions.

While the album will come with many of the same inclusions as other K-Pop albums, fans couldn’t help but notice a detail that disappointed them.

Arguably the most sought-after part of the album, photocards are essential to many K-Pop fans. A whole culture inside the K-Pop fandom exists, centered around buying, selling, trading, decorating, and displaying photocards.

Unrelated photocards in photocard holders.

ZEROBASEONE’s album is currently set to come with one photocard out of eighteen possible versions for each version, meaning there are four of each member. For someone planning to collect a member (or multiple), this will make it hard to complete their collection and will likely result in more money spent on buying albums.

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Fans expressed their disappointment with this detail, sharing their frustrations online.