ZEROBASEONE Announces The Official Leader Of The Group

He gave a small celebratory speech!

ZEROBASEONE just made an announcement of the group’s official leader!

ZB1 | @ZB1_official/Twitter

Recently, the group is inching towards their exciting debut: They have already revealed their official profile photos as well as the fandom name.

| @ZB1_official/Twitter

Meeting fans through a YouTube short video, Park Gunwook, Han Yujin, and Kim Gyuvin began the announcement of the group’s leader.

Hello, ZEROSE! We have an announcement. Our leader of ZB1 has finally been chosen!

— Park Gunwook

With all of the members gathered around, they did a drum roll…

…and revealed the leader to be none other than Sung Hanbin!

As the official leader of the group, Hanbin said a few words for fans.

I will work hard to make our staff, members and ZEROSE proud!

— Sung Hanbin

The members also released a TikTok celebrating Hanbin being chosen as the leader!

Congrats, Hanbin!

Sung Hanbin | @ZB1_official/Twitter