Netizens Can’t Hide Their Shock After Seemingly Finding The “Unfinished” Prototype Of ZEROBASEONE’s Lightstick

“I don’t remember ordering this Venti from Starbucks…”

In April, after months of fans watching and voting, Mnet’s reality show Boys Planet finally announced the nine trainees who had won the chance to debut in the group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1).

The final lineup during the “Boys Planet” final | Mnet

Although no debut date has been confirmed, netizens are getting more and more content from the group, including official photos of all the members together and alone.

Official group photos of the ZEROBASEONE members | @ZB1_Official/Twitter
| @ZB1_Official/Twitter

Of course, since the name was announced, netizens have been sharing their own designs for what they hoped ZEROBASEONE’s lightstick would look like. Unsurprisingly, many talented netizens shared some beautifully intricate designs with deep meanings linking to the group.

On social media, an alleged photo of a preliminary design for the group’s lightstick was shared. The paper shows the details of the lightstick, along with the other designs from WAKEONE’s groups, including TO1 and Kep1er.

The preliminary design for the ZB1 lightstick | @lovingshb/Twitter
| @lovingshb/Twitter

Yet, although it said it was an unfinished model and that it’s not set to be released until the first quarter of 2024, netizens couldn’t hide their shock at the design.

While many couldn’t hide their disappointment at the “boring” shape, others compared it to an ice coffee cup that seemingly had a straw poking out where the transparent disc was. Some even said it looked like a toiler cleaner, with the stick being the actual handle of the brush.

Even on TikTok, netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment at seeing the designs.


well what to expect from wakeone 😭 #zerobaseone #zb1 #lightstick #fypシ

♬ original sound – 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧~

While it was clear it was in the early stages, many took past lightsticks from the company as a sign that it probably wouldn’t change too much.

Many fans are hoping that the company will make significant changes to the design as they don’t see the group’s journey represented in such a simple lightstick design. In particular, after all the work and hardships the trainees suffered, the basic design seems like a letdown.


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