“Zombie Detective” Actress And Model Jung Chae Yul Has Passed Away

She was 26. May she rest in peace.

This article was updated with Jung Chae Yul’s agency’s statement, confirming her passing.

Actress and model Jung Chae Yul has passed away at the age of 26.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, model and actress Jung Chae Yul was found dead in her home earlier today, April 11 KST. No further details were shared by the media outlet. She was 26.

Jung Chae Yul was slated to appear in the K-Drama Wedding Impossible, which is currently in the middle of filming. The news of Jung Chae Yul’s passing has shocked the staff and actors of the K-Drama. She was also posting on her personal Instagram as recently as two days ago.

Jung Chae Yul appeared in the K-Drama Zombie Detective as part of the supporting cast. Her’s agency Management S has just released their statement, confirming her passing.

We are here to deliver heartbreaking news. Actress Chaeyul has left us.

Her funeral will be held privately in accordance to the wishes of her family, who must be in greater sadness than anyone else. We hope you pray for the deceased so Chaeyul, who was also sincere in her acting, may rest in peace.

— Management S

The production company for Wedding Impossible has also stated that they will be cancelling filming until April 12 and are attempting to figure out the exact details.

Jung Chae Yul in Zombie Detective.
Source: Star News and Star News
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