BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Stunning As She Returns From Sweden

She was a ray of sunshine at the airport!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Lisa arrived at Incheon Airport after a schedule in Stockholm, Sweden. There, Jisoo looked like a ray of sunshine as she smiled at the cameras.

bp jisoo1

Jisoo is becoming more and more popular thanks to her smile, with people calling her a “sweet fairy” thanks to how friendly she looks whenever she has her signature grin on!

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Many commend her for smiling despite how many schedule she has, praising her dedication and acknowledging how difficult it must be for her.

It must be hard, but Jisoo always smile… Go home and rest well.

– Korean Netizen

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Many have also complimented Jisoo’s fashion choices! The idol is seen rocking a black skirt with a floral top, as well as white cardigan with strawberries on it. The outfit makes her look fun and youthful, exuding a childlike aura.

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Now that Jisoo and Lisa are back in Korea, fans hope they finally get some time to rest and thatthey are able to recharge.

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Source: Naver
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