This Is What Happens When There Are Only Good Dancers On Your Team (feat. SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN’s choreography is truly on another level.

We all know that SEVENTEEN is known for their amazing choreography skills so it’s no surprise that it only takes them one day to learn new dances. The group even revealed that Jeonghan takes the longest to memorize choreography, which is 15 minutes. They are also able to create great balance among the members even with a 22 centimeter height difference between the tallest and shortest member.



Choreographer Choi Young Joon and the dance team all agree that these boys may have some differences in dance skills, but there is not one member that cannot dance.



Even the boys themselves have stated that they are all good dancers.



Here are a few instances of what can happen if there are no bad dancers on your team.


Jumps are in perfect sync.



Choreography is clean even just after learning it.



Even choreography that’s meant to be for fun look high-quality and professional.


Choreography looks performance-ready even after just learning it.


“Getting Closer”



“Good to Me”






They are the first group to succeed in the Line Dance mission on JTBC’s Idol Room



They are pros at balancing out dance sequences regardless of the height differences. Left of center is the tallest member Mingyu and right of center is shortest member Woozi.



…and here’s just another bonus clip because they are just that good.