These Photos of BTS’s Jin Proves That He Absolutely Shines On Stage

He shines bright.

Photos of Jin during BTS‘s Muster proves that he absolutely shines on stage!

Here, a yellow light hits the camera and covers Jin, but he is still visible in the background. It looks like he’s glowing!

He looked like a prince on stage. Even just standing and gazing at the fans, he looks so majestic!

And when he’s performing? Why, he looks ethereal. He could pass off as a prince!

His aura is no joke, and people have compared his beauty to that of a god. His face is small and he has wide shoulders, and fans are having a hard time breathing just looking at him.



And his personality? Fans loved it! During BTS’s muster, Jin can be seen waving to fans and smiling at them. Just proves that Jin isn’t just a visual, but he has a huge heart for ARMYs as well.

Source: The Qoo