8 of The Best Flinches From “Flinch With James Corden”

Say chees- uh, fruit!

We all love us a good flinch, and James Corden has delivered us many. In particular, K-pop idols head down to his studio whenever they are in town, and are treated to a friendly flinch-off. Sometimes James even takes them head-on! Here are the best moments from “Flinch with James Corden” featuring BLACKPINK, BTS and NCT 127!

1. Jisoo and Jennie

Jisoo and Jennie were cool cats before the fruit launched, as they playfully displayed their fearlessness and posed for the camera.

After James pulled the trigger though, Jennie completely lost her cool and adorably backed away while covering her ears.

Jisoo surprised fans with her ability to remain as still as a statue, impressing James himself.

2. Rosé and Lisa

BFFs Rosé and Lisa took the challenge head on, and despite seeing their unnies do it first, they were still caught unaware. Lisa was a total rock though, supporting Chaeng as she flinched!

The girls later on had a chance of revenge against James, although James, predictably did not move an inch! It is his show after all!

3. J-Hope and Jin

I hope you’re sitting down because you might faint from laughter and how adorable these boys are! They might be masters of commanding the stage but they certainly aren’t immune to a good ole’ fruit launcher.

Staring down the barrel before the fight…

…unfortunately, not a working tactic for them.

4. Jungkook and V

These two faired a little better, with V barely moving! The boys seemed to go for the calm and cool method, and tried their very best to appear like statues – not a far reach given their handsome looks.

Safe to say, V probably won the round.

5. Jimin, RM and Suga

The three looked like models getting behind the glass panel, with leader RM draping his arms across the other two.


It’s almost comical how they flinched in succession from left to right! It’s alright boys, you still look handsome!

6. Haechan, Mark and Taeil

The trio, decked out in matching silver, grey and black jackets were as cool as cucumbers, only flinching just a tiny bit. But hey, anyone would, with a projectile missile fruit being launched into your face!

7. Yuta, Johnny and Jungwoo

With Yuta and Johnny known to be rather unafraid of things that come their way, perhaps fans had high expectations for them. They went into it laughing, while Jungwoo squared up and faced the fruit bravely. However, it looks like the boys weren’t completely immune!

8. Doyoung, Taeyong and Jaehyun

Posing like they were ready for photographers to snap away, these boys headed into battle looking amazing as usual. However, while Doyoung and Jaehyun got away with minimal to no flinching at all, leader Taeyong wasn’t so lucky, almost collapsing to the floor in shock. Perhaps this is why fans call him “bubu“!

Fans have found a commonality between the three Flinch champs from each of the respective groups. It is interesting how they all have the same last name!

For the rest of the challengers, we sympathize with them – as Ten from WayV put it best, “Eww! Fruit!”