BTS’s Bang Bang Con Wraps Up … RM Expresses Fears For The Future, Jimin and J-Hope Miss Fans

We hope they’ll only have (2, 3!) More Good Days from now on!

At the extremely successful conclusion of Bang Bang Con The Live, BTS took the stage to personally address the fans that virtually attended the live stream concert. As with Jin, Jungkook, V and Suga, Jimin, RM and J-Hope expressed their disappointment with being unable to meet fans directly due to the global pandemic. However, they made sure to thank Armys for all their love and support, and let them know that the boys are missing them.

Jimin stated, “Everyone, I’m not sure if you’ve had fun watching today. To be honest, as the situation now is not good, we’ve not been able to meet and so I wanted to ask everyone, if you’ve been doing well.”

“For us, we’ve been having a really hard time. As people who’ve always been desperate for the stage, spending time amongst ourselves has been a downer…while spending time like this, we’ve felt more than ever that the time spent together with everyone now, is complicated and it makes us have difficult emotions that are hard always to express in words. But even so, seeing that, I think we’ve always expressed that we love you guys.”

“And because we are the us that is like that, we haven’t been able to do anything, and we thought that things would continue this way. But in the time without everyone, we’ve been trying to work hard to grow on our own, and I think we are slowly overcoming this. So, I hope you don’t worry too much and I think it would be good if in the time we aren’t able to meet, everyone will be able to find moments that make you even happier, overcome things, and be able to see our smiling faces again like this. Thank you to everyone that watched us today… and I love you.”

Leader RM took a little more of a serious route, expressing his fears for the future.

RM started off saying, “There’s not many times nowadays where I have worried about what to say, as much as today. To be honest, we’ve gotten used to it, this situation. We shouldn’t be getting used to it, but since we’re human, we need to adapt to things to be able to progress in the future. Just earlier, we did the song, “Anpanman“, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the (absence of) usual cheers from you guys, or that I’m unable to see an audience eye-to-eye, but I couldn’t feel the energy and I thought why is this so hard? This song originally wasn’t this difficult. So to be honest, as such complicated thoughts entered, I’m scared.”

He continued, “What are performances on stage going to be in the future – I now have such a phobia towards future performances, to be honest. But even so, there are so many people helping us like this, and watching from all over the world. Thanks to you guys, we are able to overcome any circumstance and live on, as we have to become people who will give you guys hope and happiness. Through things like this, where Bang Bang Con is the start, we will do our best and work hard even if we are not sure when we can come face to face. My mood is great to have been able to perform with friends in so long, and I hope we do this more in the future. I love you.”

J-Hope, much as his cheerful personality, took on a more positive note, saying “It has been so long since we got our hair and makeup done, put on a microphone and in-ear, stood on stage and performed. I think I’ve felt again today, that “so, I’m this sort of person”, “I’m someone that does this for a living”. I’ve missed the stage so much and as much as that, I’ve missed Armys.”

“I’ve waited so long for this and have been preparing so hard for Bang Bang Con, but I don’t know if our feelings were conveyed well. I hope that through Bang Bang Con and FESTA, our feelings, our love for the stage and Army, will be able to be conveyed to everyone.”

He also expressed his happiness to have been able to perform, saying “Also I’m so happy. From your homes, from the first or second floor, it’s all coming up. Please shout refreshingly once! Make some noise~ I love everyone and thank you. In the future, we will work hard to prepare, such that we can show you guys a performance again soon. I love you.”

As much as the boys of BTS have worked hard to bring to Armys FESTA and Bang Bang Con The Live, we hope that fans have thoroughly enjoyed the concert yesterday on the 14th of June 2020.

Source: Tistory