“Yesterday Would’ve Seen The End Of Our Contracts” … BTS’s Jin Gives Touching Speech At “Bang Bang Con”

Who’s cutting onions? We’re sobbing.

BTS recently celebrated their 7th Anniversary on the 13th of June, a much deserved milestone for their immense success. Their “Bang Bang Con The Live” live stream concert was widely attended globally yesterday on the 14th of June, at which member Jin, made a touching speech about the band.

Nearing the end of the concert, Jin said, “This is our 7th birthday. If things went as they were supposed to originally, yesterday would’ve seen the end of our contracts but I am so so thankful to have met the members as well as a good company. I am relieved that we are able to be together for a much, much longer time.”

Although the members had renewed their contracts in 2018, Jin mentioned the contracts yesterday during the live concert yet again – perhaps he was reminded of the original plan yet again, due to his gratefulness and love for the fans’ support. He continued the emotional moment by asking the members to hug him, saying “since my heart is choked up, let’s hug formally” resulting in a touching end to the successful virtual concert.

After reading out the comments left by loving Armys from all over the world, Jin expressed his happiness saying, “The time spent together with everyone was happy. Every single day is precious. I wanted to hurry up and meet everyone, but it’s a pity that we couldn’t due to the situation that isn’t good. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely go to see everyone.”

Jin’s love for fans can always be seen through his words to Armys. We hope that the global situation gets better such that Armys can be reunited with the band as soon as possible! In other news, “Bang Bang Con The Livebroke records as one of the most successful live stream shows ever.


Source: Daum