Golden Child’s Jangjun Learned A Unique Stage Charisma Tip From BTS’s V — And It Will Make You LOL

He gets an A for effort.

On an episode of TMI News, Golden Child’s Jangjun confessed he learned a stage technique from BTS’s V…and it’s something only V does.

| @Hi_Goldenness/Twitter

V is known for his lively expressions on stage, ranging from charismatic and fierce…

…to squishy and heart-wrenchingly adorable.

This one move can be seen in most of V’s performances, especially when he’s making eye contact with a camera and trying to entice fans.

Jangjun calls the technique “air gum,” a motion where you pretend as if you’re chewing gum while singing.

To show the technique, he begins to perform the beginning of “Boy With Luv.”

Check out his exaggerated “air gum” chewing and facial expressions!

Both Jangjung and V have their own unique charms, but they do have one thing in common: Being waaay too loveable.

Watch Jangjun’s whole reenactment of V’s “air gum” performance below!