BTS’s V Once Proved How Much He Loves J-Hope With A Single Sentence — And It Was A Bold One

He really went for it!

BTS’s V once admitted how much J-Hope truly means to him.

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On his BTS Festa 2014 profile, V was asked to fill out information about himself and include a video or picture that represents who he is.

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V picked a very specific time as his defining moment.

The phrase I said at 28 minutes and 49 seconds in episode 8 of BTS’s Rookie King.

— V

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What happens at exactly that time? During the “Of Course” game, the members must say things to their opponent that they must agree with, or else they lose.

V waited until the room was quiet to make sure his words had the biggest impact.

You like me, right?

— V

All of the members cracked up hysterically at V’s boldness — but the innocence on his face shows he meant what he said!

Picking this as his defining moment, V must really love J-Hope. Even the way he looks at him is endearing!

Who can blame him? ARMYs feel the exact same way about J-Hope!

He’s smart, hardworking, handsome, and more! Take a look at some of the reasons J-Hope is so easy to love below.

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