A Young Fan Didn’t Call BTS’s V “Oppa” — And This Was His Reaction

What he said makes him even more lovable.

BTS’ V once gave a light-hearted response to a young fan’s mistake…and it will make you LOL.

During a live broadcast, he was reading a fan’s plea for advice on her current situation.

I am a high school student and so nervous about my job interview. What should I do, Taehyung-ah? What do you do when you’re nervous?

— Fan

Immediately, V responded to one part of the message without addressing anything else she actually asked for.

You’re a high school student…I wonder why you’re calling me Taehyung-ah? I’m 23 years old.

— V

Taehyung repeatedly wondered “Why?” to himself as he ate his burger, thinking of what would have prevented her from using the correct respectful term “Oppa” for older men.

He finished his meal and pointed at the camera, coming to an interesting conclusion.

You must be living in America.

— V

His reasoning actually does make sense, since Koreans put much more importance on age difference than Americans do — Heck, these terms of respect are built into the Korean language for a reason.

In the end, V recognized the cool, aloof American values — if his guess about this fan was even correct.

I like the American style.

— V

At least now we know how much V likes to be called “Oppa!”


Watch the full light-hearted moment below!