A Fan Once Gave Jang Wonyoung Cold Hard Cash As A Fan Gift

He also gave her an iPhone and AirPods.

A fan that goes by the name of Okjjang once gave his favorite idol, IZ*ONE‘s Jang Wonyoung, a very special gift back in 2019. As it was prior to the pandemic, he was about to go to a physical fansign. In order to show off his best side to Wonyoung, he even got a manicure on the day of the fansign.

His next stop was the bank, where he proceeded to withdraw huge amounts of cash.

He used a portion of the money to first purchase a gold rolex! That particular model costs about $26,000 USD, depending on the retailer. He mentioned that he bought it to impress the girls at the fansign.

After a quick powwow with his friend, he went on his way to shop for gifts for Wonyoung. He purchased the iPhone XS max in 512GB as well as AirPods for the young teen, as well as some wireless charging devices.

As the cherry on top of the cake, he gave her ₩1,000,000 KRW ($896 USD) in cold hard cash! He claimed that this was him giving her some allowance to spend while she waited for their salaries to come in.

Finally, as Okjjang is also a renowned cartoonist who produces emoticon stickers for KakaoTalk, he also included fanart in the gift box.

Talented, rich, and an amazing fan! Check out his vlog of the day below.


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