Fans Suspect Kim Jong Un Is Interested In Red Velvet… Especially Irene

It happened when she went to North Korea.

Kim Jong Un, along with his wife and official staff, made history for both North and South Korea by attending the concert put on by South Korean artists.


Red Velvet was one of the Korean performers scheduled to perform and it seems like Kim Jong Un appeared to be a fan of one particular member too!


Reports prior to the event revealed that Kim Jong Un was looking forward to see Red Velvet perform and readjusted his schedules to attend on the day.

Kim Jong Un Delays South Korean Concert in Pyongyang… So He Can Attend And Watch Red Velvet


When the performers also gathered for the a photo with Kim Jong Un, Irene was seen standing right next to him. She was the only Red Velvet member to do so, as the rest of Red Velvet were off to the side.


Irene can be seen leaning away from the North Korean leader.


These interactions and photos were enough for fans to speculate that Kim Jong Un might have been a fan of Irene — and sparked to quite interesting reactions on the internet.

Many speculations arose from the photo. Some claimed that Kim Jong Un was a fan of Irene and wanted to be next to her in the photo, and a North Korean escapee even said he placed her there on purpose. But Irene says it’s all false rumors.

“It’s not true.”

— Irene


She gave the inside details on how that photo came to be. After the concert, the artists were asked to gather together for a surprise photo with Kim Jong Un.

“After the concert, they asked us to gather together for a moment. And [Kim Jong Un] came. We then took a photo.”

— Irene


And in a hurry, the artists all scurried to find a place for the photo and Irene just happened to end up standing next to Kim Jong Un. Even more surprisingly, she didn’t know she was standing next to him at the time!

“But it happened suddenly, so we were all scurrying to pose for the photo. We all found a spot, took a photo, and I found out afterwards that [I was standing next to him].

When you’re taking a photo, you don’t really know where you’re supposed to stand. You find out afterwards who you were standing near.”

— Irene


She honestly doesn’t know how she ended up in the center next to Kim Jong Un. She didn’t even realize that she stood next to him until she came back to Seoul and saw the photos!

“We just posed and I happened there. I’m not sure why I happened to be there either.

We didn’t know how the picture turned out either since there’s no internet. We found out through the news reports after we came back to Seoul.”

— Irene


Skeptical, Kang Ho Dong jokingly asked if someone purposefully pushed her towards the center with another motive like the rumors mentioned before. Irene laughed at the ridiculous question as she denied anyone pushing her.

“I just didn’t know what was going on. We weren’t originally planned to meet him. They asked the artists to gather for a moment. We went, and he came.”

— Irene


There you have it! The secrets revealed about Kim Jong Un and Irene’s famous photo!