10 Times IZ*ONE’s Minjoo Took Our Breaths Away With Her Beauty

Minguri looks beautiful from every angle!

With IZ*ONE‘s Kim Minjoo being announced as the new MC for weekly music chart show, Music Core, her profile has soared higher than ever. Even pre-debut, during her time on both Kpop Star and Produce 101, she has been known for her exceptional visuals. Here are 10 moments where she literally made us faint from her otherworldly beauty.

Minjoo’s various MC stints, as compiled by IZONEISLOVE on Twitter.

1. Minjoo’s iconic pictorial where she stunned in just a white tee and jeans.

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any prettier, the queen slays in just a simple outfit. The profile shoot for her interview with 1st Look showed a contrasting image between black and white, which brings us to our next moment…


2. When she rocked the career-girl look in a black pantsuit.

Minjoo proves she can do just about any look, with her making a quick change into a professional-looking outfit that was a total opposite of the innocent styles she normally sports. The ear cuff and damp hair completes the chic, classy yet just slightly badass look.

3. Cute and festive in one of her stage outfits!

We think that this is one of the best stage outfits for her, given that the green checks bring out her cheerful personality and match her sparkly accessories to a T! The half-up, half-down hair also suits her absolutely.

4. Bright yellow for her first Music Core MC appearance.

Matching with her fellow MCs, SF9‘s Chani and Stray KidsHyunjin, Minjoo looks both bright and elegant at the same time, in the color that calls for spring.

5. This ethereal all-white set with a diamanté choker.

As the girls took to their first week of promotions on music shows for their comeback, “Secret Story of the Swan“, Minjoo’s beauty was highlighted in an outfit that made her look like an absolute goddess, complete with a low ponytail.

Her side profile is a work of art.

6. Student Minjoo in her high school uniform.

Sometimes we miss a little regularity, especially when she’s often on stage in fancy outfits. This day, Minjoo took to the airport in her uniform as she was in a rush to make overseas schedules. It was a treat for fans however, as it was a rare glimpse into her regular life.

7. Pink haired anime character Minjoo.

Who can forget her iconic pink hair? As one of the first few idols to sport the look during the spring season of 2019, the pink hair accented her pale skin and big, anime-like features, making her look like she stepped out of a comic book.

8. A happy Minjoo is the most beautiful Minjoo.

Fans love to see the girl smile! Known for her carefree and easy-going personality despite her more than perfect looks, the huge dork is lovable in every aspect to fans.

9. The day her figure was unbeatable even in a simple outfit, all covered up.

Korean community sites went a little crazy that day, as they praised her hip to waist ratio as near perfect despite being slender. Her long legs also drew attention as she was wearing sneakers that day. The slight hint of abs peeking out due to her cropped top was also a hot topic.

10. An absolute cutie. (ft helping hands from her members)

On “NOW“, a radio show, the members promoted their new album and was tasked to address the fans. Minjoo showed off her trademark aegyo, with her mochi cheeks.

Provided by Edelweiss2kim on Twitter.

The girls of IZ*ONE has recently made a comeback with the title track, “Secret Story of the Swan“, a highly anticipated one due to the success of “FIESTA”. As the girls start their round of promotions, show your support for IZ*ONE by watching their MV here!