MAMAMOO’s Wheein Almost Left The Group After Prank Where Hwasa Was Ridiculed

She would sacrifice anything for her best friend.

During an online broadcast, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein recalled an incident where the members, Solar and Moonbyul, began to discuss her best friend in the group, Hwasa, in front of her.

They began to tell Wheein that Hwasa doesn’t fit with the team’s color. They said, “It’s not something you should think about emotionally because you’re friends.”

Wheein was put in a difficult position hearing them speak like this about her best friend, hearing that “she’s too over the top.” She didn’t understand what caused the sudden shift in their attitudes.

The manner they were speaking in was almost cursing Hwasa, and Wheein could feel her anger, as well as her confusion, rising.

Wheein was straightforward with her opinions of thinking Hwasa is a needed part of the group, but the girls made her feel like she was the one with the skewed opinion.

They seemed firm in their views, so Wheein declared her loyalty to Hwasa and said she would have to leave if her best friend does.

Immediately, Hwasa spoke from the hallway, and Wheein was shocked that she was listening to the whole thing.

Wheein was worried Hwasa would be angry, until the girls dropped it on her: It was a birthday prank!

The whole situation showed Wheein’s true character and loyalty as a friend. Her will to give up her dream job for someone she cares about is admirable and we love her for it!