SEVENTEEN Reveals Their Daily Struggles As A 13-Member Group That You Probably Didn’t Think Of

We cannot believe how much toothpaste they go through.

The boys of SEVENTEEN create an exciting performance with unique choreography when all 13 of them are on stage. And a ton of members gives lots of opportunities for photo cards, right? (260 to be exact. Yes, you read that correctly).

It is certainly a lively experience to be constantly around so many people, as members Seungkwan and Mingyu explain.

However, having so many members is not all fun and games, and it definitely adds up. Specifically, money-wise.

Simple tasks like getting ready in the morning or commuting can take so much longer than the average size group, and there’s a whole lot of noise and commotion that comes with it.

Seungkwan explains how the camera men on various shows actually have to prepare to capture all of the members.


The boys are often faced with constant directions to organize them like a crowd of children in a kindergarten class on picture day.

Mingyu blames their lack of show appearances on this huge burden of 13 members, double the average-sized group.

And don’t even get them started on supplies. Just about everything is bought in bulk, especially necessities like shampoo.

Even toothpaste seems to disappear at the speed of light, and according to Seungkwan, often looks like the last person just squeezed it all out.

Since the toothpaste is used 3 or 4 times a day by 13 people, the calculations are…A LOT of toothpaste per day.

This begs the next question of how much food do these growing boys eat?

They need at least a whopping 20 ramyeons to satisfy all 13 mouths.

How do they make all of this food at once? A bucket, of course. Total army style.

Another downfall is the difficulty of keeping track of all the members, forcing them to travel in packs. Luckily, this has been phased out by them since their debut era.


And forget the housing situation. It’s rare the members can all stay together…



…and if they can, space is very limited.



Despite these disadvantages, each member has a valuable spot in the group and these daily struggles don’t stand a chance to the benefits of having all these members!