TWICE Jeongyeon’s Mom Told Her She Was A Troublemaker When She Was Young…And The Reason Is Hilarious

We CANNOT believe little Jeongyeon did this.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is known for her caring and thoughtful personality, but according to her mother, she didn’t always behave like this.

Jeongyeon once revealed during an online broadcast about a time she was young and walking with her friends after school.

After noticing a bird poop on a stranger’s car, they decided to clean it…but there was one problem.

Her method of choice was using a stone and scratching the car. A lot.

It was fun, the sound of the scratching.

— Jeongyeon

Being young, they had no idea what they were doing would actually make the situation 100x worse.

Later, when she had returned home, her family received a phone call. Her mother was fuming.

Jeongyeon innocently confessed her good intentions. Honestly, it was an A for effort.

My mom scolded me a lot…and she paid for the car. Later, my mom told me after debut, “You should remember this: You made a lot of troubles when you were young.”

— Jeongyeon

Poor Jeongyeon was just trying to help, but got herself into a boatload of trouble. Her intentions were pure…but the execution could use a little work.