“13 Reasons Why” Actor Dylan Minnette Flaunts His Love For BTS

ARMYs, we got another one!

It has been belatedly revealed that 13 Reasons Why actor and Wallows band member Dylan Minnette is a BTS fan!


The Hollywood actor recently posted on his Instagram story and everyone loved the precautions he was taking by wearing a mask. However, it was what was on the mask that really caught the eyes of ARMYs all around.

| @dylanminnette/Instagram

As shown in the photo above, Dylan Minnette is seen rocking a BTS face mask! After seeing this, ARMYs did what they do best and dug a little deeper to find out if Dylan is indeed a true fan. After some research, they discovered some old tweets that showed Dylan’s love for the boy group.

To further display his love for the group, the actor can be seen thanking a friend through a tweet for introducing him to the global boy group.

It doesn’t stop there as Dylan Minnette tweeted this very tweet talking about a BTS song that grabbed the hearts of ARMYs all around. Although “Just One Day” is a catchy song, it is not that current or popular compared to their other songs which further proved to ARMYs that Dylan Minnette was a true fan.

ARMYs were impressed to see the actor openly flaunting his love for BTS through his Twitter as well as his Instagram page. Dylan Minnette is just one of many Hollywood stars that are loving BTS and we absolutely love that for the group. They truly deserve it all.

Source: Billboard and Yahoo


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