13 Year Old ARMY Goes Viral For The Smart Way She Convinced Her Parents To Buy Her BTS’s 2022 Season’s Greetings

Her brains amazed everyone.

BTS recently released their previews for their 2022 Season’s Greetings, sending fans into a frenzy. The Season’s Greetings saw BTS dressed up as bad boys, a far cry from their usual soft and lovable personalities. Check out how badass they look!

While most fans who are working adults might have the funds to snap it up instantly, the younger ARMYs might need a little help from their parents. One particular 13 year old ARMY in South Korea made it viral when she posted how she had gotten her parents to agree to purchasing it for her.

She wrote up the cutest contract stating what she would do in order to get her hands on the goods, and why she needed it. Not only was it adorable, but it drew attention for how smart and well-written she sounded, despite her young age.

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Season’s Greetings Purchase Agreement

You’ve worked hard today as well. I hope that you will take care of your health just as the winter approaches quickly. Weverse Shop has started selling BTS’s 2022 Season’s Greetings. Please respond accordingly to the below.

  1. Soon, on December 25, it will be Christmas. Although I’m 13, I still definitely believe in the existence of Santa with a pure heart. Because I am a child of pure and clean heart and body, I request sincerely to be able to receive an advance on my Christmas present.
  2. As you know, I have begun attending a math after school academy because of my overwhelming passion for studies. But I have begun to think recently, that as I approach middle school, I need to plan out my studies. I want to focus on my studies by effectively using the calendar that comes with the Season’s Greetings in order to make plans for my studies.
  3. This month, I’ve been negligent of my duties. But if you think over this agreement positively, I will focus on what I have to do and will change to become a person that listens to their parents’ requests well.
  4. If you have other additional things you wish from me, you can write down up to 3.

(1) Clean your room

(2) Eat well

(3) Exercise lots

— Purchase Agreement

Thankfully, her parents agreed to get it for her and signed off on the document. Not that she really gave them a choice! The agreement hilariously only has check boxes for yes or yes. The well-written argument probably convinced them though, for she also uploaded a proof shot of the purchase.

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The adorable child received lots of love from online communities as her post soon went viral.

  • “I only realized after reading the comments that there were only boxes for yes LOL”
  • “Ah so cute LOL But her parents are so warm. They asked her to exercise and eat well.”
  • “YES or YES LOL”
  • “How smart! So cute… Baby ARMYs are the best.”
  • “Her parents requests are like babying her. So cute.”
  • “Cute and smart!”
  • “Ah so cute. I hope she only has good things happening to her. She’s a smartie.”

She’s certainly one of the most well-written kids we’ve seen around! Congratulations to the baby ARMY for getting the present she deserves.

Source: theqoo