15 Photos of Suzy At Her Solo Fansign Event That Show Her True Sweet Nature

Suzy continued promotions for her solo debut, “Yes? No?”, and treated fans to a special fan signing event where she captured on camera looking extra adorable.

Suzy’s amazing relationship with her fans was evident throughout her recent fan sign event as she posed with fans, received adorable gifts, and was even taken aback by some incredible fan art she received. Suzy’s natural beauty left fans in awe during the event.

Fans were excited to meet Suzy as her current contract with JYP Entertainment is set to expire in March and her current future with Miss A seems uncertain. Fans have begun to speculate about Miss A’s possible disbandment after the popular group’s image was removed from JYP Entertainment’s company building after almost 2 years in favor of a photo of Suzy’s solo debut album cover.

Take a look at some of the photos from Suzy’s fan sign event below!

Suzy’s natural beauty continues to leave fans in awe.
She appears to be the most relaxed when she is with her fans.
Suzy always shows off the playful personality that makes her so loveable.
Suzi’s natural look is as captivating as ever.
She is completely natural when she is with her fans.
Suzy appears genuine and down-to-earth.
Suzy looked adorable as she wore gifts from her fans throughout the event.
Suzy looked angelic in this flower crown.
Suzy adorably posed for fans throughout the event.
She looks adorable wearing pink leopard print ears.
She received so many different gifts from fans and had to wear them all. Suzy fan service is amazing.
Suzy goes the extra mile to treat fans like her friends.
Her playful personality is adorable.
She looks like she is in awe of her fans amazing fan art. Anyone would believe it was a photo.
She took adorable photos throughout the event.