JYP Entertainment replaces miss A with solo Suzy poster on company building

JYP Entertainment has replaced miss A‘s company building poster with one of Suzy‘s solo album. 

The agency recently updated the giant posters on their building front, replacing the miss A Colors poster with one from Suzy’s solo album Yes? No?

Since member Jia left miss A and JYP Entertainment back in May, the group has been on an indefinite hiatus. Before Suzy made her solo debut, fellow member Fei became the first group member to do so with her album Fantasy. While media experts and fans expect Suzy to renew her contract with JYP Entertainment, there have been concerns as to whether or not miss A will continue to promote as a group.

A recent incident involving JYP Entertainment removing Wonder Girls‘s Why So Lonely poster from the company building caused fans to speculate that the legendary girl group would not renew with JYP. Unfortunately, this prediction came true, as the group announced their disbandment not long after the poster was taken down.

As a group, miss A has released a number of hit songs, including “Hush,” “Touch,” “I Don’t Need a Man,” and “Only You.” Their debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” even made history as the first debut song to win the prestigious “Song of The Year” award and established them as a top group upon their debut.