A 26 Year Old TikTok Influencer Under Fire After Naming NewJeans’ Minji As His Ideal Type … Even Though She’s A Minor

The blind date he chose during the dating show also looks like Minji.

TikTok star and influencer Noah (@noah_evol) is currently under fire after his appearance in a YouTube video where he made what many consider “inappropriate” comments about NewJeans member Minji.

TikToker Noah | @noah_evel/Instagram

NewJeans’ Minji

Noah is a social media influencer with a massive following of over 21 million on TikTok where he posts dance covers and other skits. He also shares full covers on YouTube and makes guest appearances in different videos online.


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In early October, Noah and model Park Jong Hyun both starred in a program on the LookGating YouTube channel called Female K-IDOL Look-Alike Blind Date.

| LookGating/YouTube

In this series, different guests are given the chance to pick a blind date with someone based on the celebrity whose style they copy. In this specific episode, the idols whose styles are copied are all from 4th generation K-Pop groups like IVE, NewJeans, aespa, and LE SSERAFIM.

After both men talked about their interest in K-Pop, they were asked about their ideal types. Park Jong Hyun said that his type was someone who is tall and “looks like a cat,” and Noah suggested aespa’s Karina. For his own type, Noah first said that he liked someone like Kim Sejeong, as someone with “a lot of different charms.

| LookGating/YouTube

When one of the show’s PDs asked what Noah considered his ideal type was looks wise he responded that he thought that Minji lined up with his type the most.

I feel like she’s my ideal type. She makes me excited!

— Noah

| LookGating/YouTube 

After seeing the girls in different outfit styles and getting to talk a bit with them, Noah ultimately chose a 25-year-old model named Jung Semi. Jung Semi was cast to appear in this episode because of her resemblance to Minji down to how her hair was styled. Once her face was revealed Noah was even more excited to have chosen her over the others.

| LookGating/YouTube 

Fans of NewJeans immediately began discussing how it was “inappropriate” for Noah, who is 26 years old, to have Minji as his ideal type. Minji is currently 18 years old internationally, which makes her still a minor in Korea where the age of majority is 20.

Netizens had concerns immediately after NewJeans’ debut due to the concepts created by ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and the group’s young ages. Other fans state that instead of saying that the group should not have debuted at the ages they did, it is more important to call out the issue at hand, and doing otherwise is a form of victim blaming.

Netizens have also begun commenting on Noah’s TikTok posts, questioning him about what he said about Minji and calling out his “pedophilic thoughts.

Noah has not commented on the situation as of yet, and according to fans, the YouTube channel where the video was posted has deleted many comments about his comments.

You can check out the full video below.