2NE1’s Dara Quit Her Role With YG Entertainment In A Show Of Loyalty To Her Group

She only works for her girls.

When a fan page posted to Twitter about 2NE1 being officially removed from YG Entertainment‘s artist page, Blackjacks were quick to notice and wondered what Dara’s role in the matter was.

Dara took it upon herself to clarify that it was not true she was working in an administrative role at YG Entertainment.

When a different fan asked for confirmation that Dara was no longer working as a PR Director for the company, Dara replied “I quit after 2ne1’s disbandment. I only work for my girls.

Although she’s always been known as the biggest Blackjack, Dara’s words shot fans right through the heart, praising her for her loyalty to her friends. Inspired by her loyalty, they can’t stop gushing over how much they love her and the group.

Blackjacks are eager for the day 2NE1 can reunite on their own terms, outside of YG Entertainment.