2PM’s Junho Embraces What A Viral Sensation He Has Become In His Latest Tweet

“Thank you for the birthday wishes, and…”

In celebration of 2PM Junho‘s birthday on January 25, 2020, HOTTESTs trended #HappySunshineJunhoDay on Twitter — wishing him the best birthday ever and letting him know how much they miss him on stage.


Junho, whose previous “My House” performance videos have gone viral five years since the song’s release, then tweeted in response:

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Have a great rest of the holidays!! I’ll be waiting for you out front in 10 minutes? Lol.

— Junho


The last bit, about him “meeting the fans out front in 10 minutes”, actually comes from his most beloved part in the song. HOTTESTs believe Junho must have found out about how he and the song began trending again…

It’s alright, let’s go to my house. In 10 minutes, I’ll be waiting for you out front.

— Junho in “My House”


… and this sweet and clever message has HOTTESTs swooning all over Twitter!

Where is out front? T-T Here’s me turning into stone waiting for you…

— Twitter @NUN1M

Where exactly…? Five years passed and I still don’t know where you mean.

— Twitter @tjdudrms33


In case his flirty tweet got you missing him hard, here’s a new video featuring Junho carrying around a penguin all over Seoul. You’re welcome!