2PM’s Junho Is So Hot He Tempted Actress Han Ga In To Almost Leave Her Child At Home For Him

We feel you, sis.

2PM‘s Junho is all the rage currently. Despite having been in the industry for 12 years and counting, he’s recently reached his second peak of popularity. It started when 2PM’s “My House” started to trend in 2021. The song was released in 2015 but gained traction all of a sudden in South Korea nearly 6 years later. This allowed the boys to release a special comeback, called “Make It,” in 2021.

At the center of it all is member Junho. His boyish charm and sexy demeanor blew up. Just look at how gorgeous he is!

“Junho’s House” began trending furiously as fancams of Junho performing “My House” climbed in views.

Even top actress Han Ga In can’t resist Junho’s charms! On a recent episode of MMTG, she confessed that she was also mesmerized by Junho’s famous performance. Han Ga In was simply browsing YouTube at home one day when the algorithms let her to…

…Junho’s house.

Figuratively speaking, of course! She chanced on his famous fancam of “My House” and was hooked. Who could blame her?

She hilariously admitted that she almost left her child to go look for Junho’s house! She had been watching YouTube with her child and was almost tempted to go find Junho because of his charms.

I was watching YouTube, and the algorithm kept showing, ‘My House, Junho’s House.’ Just where is his house?! I was looking after my kid but I almost left my house.

— Han Ga In

Well, looks like even married women can’t resist. Han Ga In wed actor and director Yeon Jung Hoon back in 2005. We feel you, girl! We too would leave our husbands and children for Junho. Make sure to check out “Junho’s House” below.

Source: MMTG